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Offer agreement:

Public contract for the purchase and sale of goods at a distance via the Internet

The text of the Agreement set out below is addressed to individuals permanently residing on the territory of Ukraine, and is an official public offer, hereinafter referred to as the Seller, and any individual who fully and unconditionally accepts the terms of this Accession Agreement in accordance with Articles 633 and 634 of the Civil Code Ukraine and expressed the acceptance of this offer by confirming the order on the website NAILAPEX.COM and acting in its own interests or interests of a legal entity, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, have concluded this public agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") on the following :


1.1. The term "Goods" within the framework of this Agreement means the goods presented on the website NAILAPEX.COM, for which the price, name and description are indicated and available for purchase. Also, the product may be accompanied by its image.

1.2. The term "Online Store" within the framework of this Agreement means the corresponding software and functional complex located on the website NAILAPEX.COM, which allows you to get acquainted with the Product, its appearance, technical characteristics, price, terms of payment , terms and conditions of delivery, warranty obligations of knitting, etc., place an appropriate order and pay for it on the basis of the invoice

1.3. The term "Subscription" in the framework of this Agreement means a pre-order and payment for the goods, the availability of which is expected within the time specified in the inventory of the goods.

1.4. The term "Basket" within the framework of this Agreement means a part of the online store, which is responsible for tracking and displaying in real time the goods selected by the Buyer for purchase, indicating the total cost of them.

1.5. The term "Order" within the framework of this Agreement means the list of Goods determined by the Buyer using the Basket, their quantity, indicating the full name of the Buyer and his contact details.


2.1. The Seller undertakes, on the terms and in the manner determined by this Agreement, to sell to the Buyer the Goods that are the subject of sale under this Agreement, and the Buyer undertakes, on the terms and in the manner determined by this Agreement, to buy the named goods and pay its price.

2.2. The Seller guarantees that the Goods will be pledged, are not in dispute, are under arrest and are not subject to the rights of third parties.

2.3. The Seller and the Buyer confirm that this Agreement is not a fictitious, imaginary transaction, a transaction made under the influence of violence or deceit.

2.4. The Seller confirms that all necessary permits for the implementation of economic activities, regulates the scope of legal relations arising and are valid in the process of execution of the Agreement, and also guarantees that he has the right to sell the Goods without any restrictions, in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, and undertakes bear responsibility in case of violation of the rights of the BUYER in the process of fulfilling the contract and selling the goods.


3.1. In accordance with articles 633, 641, 642 of the Civil Code of Ukraine and the Rules for the sale of goods to order and outside retail or office premises approved by order of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine dated April 19, 2007 No. by phone or at the office) or in writing (via the website or e-mail) and receipt of this order by the Seller - is the full and unconditional acceptance of this public agreement and the information set out on the site.


4.1. All information materials presented in the online store are for reference only and cannot fully convey reliable information about the properties and characteristics of the Goods, including colors, sizes and shapes. If the Buyer has any questions regarding the properties and characteristics of the Goods, before placing the Order, the Buyer must contact the Seller.

4.2. Placement by the Buyer of the Order and its further transfer for execution means sufficient and complete familiarization of the Buyer with the technical characteristics of the product, its functionality, information on delivery times and the terms of warranty service.

4.3. In the absence of the ordered Goods in the Seller's warehouse, including for reasons beyond the control of the Seller, the Seller has the right to cancel the specified Goods from the Buyer's Order and notify the Buyer about this by sending an electronic message to the address specified during the registration of the Buyer.

4.4. The order is considered completed at the time of the actual transfer of the Goods included in the order to the BUYER on the basis of the invoice issued by the Seller and signed by the Buyer. After the Order is completed, the Seller's obligations to the Buyer are considered fulfilled.

4.5. The ownership of the goods passes from the seller to the buyer at the time of transfer of the goods. Confirmation of the transfer of ownership of the goods is the Buyer's signature on the invoice (receipt, delivery register, etc.) issued by the Seller, transport or courier company. The risks of loss or accidental damage to the Goods pass from the seller to the buyer at the time of transfer to the transport or courier company.

4.6. By accepting the terms of this Agreement, the Buyer grants the Seller his consent to the right to collect, store, use, distribute and receive the information provided by the Buyer in connection with the execution of this Agreement:

4.6.1. Necessary for individuals and organizations to ensure the performance of their functions or the provision of services to the Seller in accordance with the agreements concluded between such persons (organizations) and the Seller.

4.6.2. Necessary in other cases in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation


5.1. The price of each individual Product is determined by the Seller at its own discretion and is published in the online store.

5.2. The price of the Goods and the Order is set in Ukrainian hryvnias.

5.3. The price of the Contract is equal to the price of the Order. The specified amount may vary depending on the price, quantity or range of goods.

5.4. The Buyer makes 100% payment for the goods according to the Application on the basis of the Seller's invoice, unless otherwise specified in the invoice.

5.5. The order is considered paid from the moment of receipt of 100% payment for the goods to the Seller's settlement account. The fact of such payment indicates the Buyer's agreement with the terms of this Agreement.

5.6. Delivery Order by the Seller is executed after 100% payment for the Order.

5.7. In the event of an incorrect indication of the price of the Goods ordered by the Buyer, the Seller informs the Buyer as soon as possible to confirm or cancel the Order. If it is impossible to contact the Buyer, this Order is considered canceled. If the Order has been paid, the Seller returns to the BUYER the amount paid for the Order by transferring it to the buyer's account or in another acceptable way.

5.8. The price of the Goods in the online store can be changed by the Seller unilaterally. At the same time, the price of the Goods ordered by the Buyer is not subject to change.

5.9. By the time the Buyer's funds are credited to the Seller's settlement account, the goods are not reserved. The Seller cannot guarantee the availability of the Goods in the Seller's warehouse in the quantity specified at the time of placing the Order, as a result of which the Order processing time may increase. If it is necessary to return funds from the seller to the buyer, in order to make a refund, the Buyer is obliged to inform the SELLER of the details of the bank account to which the Seller is obliged to transfer the funds.